Lung Worm Testing Kit

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Regular stool screening every 3 months is an essential part of every pet's health care regime.

This professionally designed, veterinary approved kit:

  • enables parasitic worms that live in the lungs to be detected in the early stages, before significant damage occurs to the body
  • confirms whether the wormers being used or natural worm control programme in place is working



  • instruction sheet
  • online video demonstration (on the left of this page)
  • everything needed to submit the required stool samples to the lab 
  • a postage paid mailing box which can be posted into the nearest pillar box
  • screening for all common lungworm (for full list see below)
  • examination for undigested food particles, plus high levels of oils or fats, which can indicate dietary or early digestive problems
  • FREE email veterinary guidance if any of the results are positive (value = £48)



  • Crenosoma vulpis (Fox lungworm)
  • Oslerus osleri (Dog Lungworm)
  • Angiostrongylus vasorum (French Heartworm)
  • Eucoleus aerophilus (Hedgehog lungworm)
  • Filaroides hirthi
  • Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
  • Eucoleus aerophilus

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