A giant braid that's naturally high in protein and low in fat? What more could your dog wish for? Especially if they already know and love our smaller braids, giant braids offer a longer-lasting option. Protein is an essential part of your dog's diet, so chewing on a giant caramel braid could be the perfect way to sneak some added protein in! While the low fat content keeps the treat healthy and suitable for those on a low-fat diet, These are perfect for power chewers. Camel beats other proteins as the most durable and longest-lasting chew! Chewing is great for dogs; it's nature's way of keeping their jaws strong and keeping them occupied.

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks +

Key benefits:-

  • 100% Camel
  • long-lasting chew
  • Low fat
  • Naturally gluten- and grain-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No artificial additives, preservatives, or flavorings


Nutritional Analysis

Protein 81.62
Fat 7.80
Ash 2.25

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