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We love beef tendons, as they have so many benefits. They are chewy, healthy, high in protein, and low in fat. They are easily digestible and rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which are vital for joint health.

They are great for improving dental health, joint health, and mental health, especially in anxious dogs, as they are chewy and long-lasting.
Tendons are quite chunky and thick, making them ideal for larger breeds as well. They are tough dental chews that give your dog a good workout while nicely cleaning their teeth and strengthening their jaws.

Beef tendons are slowly air-dried, locking in all the nutrients without the need for chemicals or preservatives.

They can be given to puppies up to 12 weeks old. They are great for teething puppies, as the chews help to relieve teething discomforts.

* Please note as they are a natural product they do come in different sizes and are done by weight*

100% Beef

Nutritional Analysis 
Protein: 80%, Fat: 7%, Ash: 13%


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