Anco Medium Bully roll

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Anco Bully Rolls are naturally very high in protein, low in fat, and durable. What else could you want for your dog? Protein is really important to have in your dog's diet; it generates energy for all walking and play time and is essential for building and maintaining muscles. And the super-low fat content keeps them even healthier! Suitable for those on a low-fat diet or with pancreatitis. Despite being a smaller treat, these rolls offer a nice, tough texture, allowing your dog to still have plenty of fun chewing down on them and absorbing all the delicious flavours of beef!

Single-source protein: 100% Beef

Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old

Approx. 15cm in length

* Naturally gluten- and grain-free

* Rich in nutrients

* Air-dried

* No artificial additives of any kind

approximately 15cm 

100% Beef

 Nutritional Analysis

Protein 75.9%, Fat 7.89%, Ash 4.68%

Vendor: All Natural Dog Products
Weight: 0.31 lb