100% natural treats - just as nature intended

My long and knowledgeable journey in understanding how important it is to feed our dogs quality and natural foods started with my own bulldog.

From a puppy he would react to every type of food I fed him which leaded to numerous vet visits and a lot of wasted dog food!

It was then I discovered he had a huge list of food intolerances and my research began..

After months of intense research I learnt the incredible importance of what we feed our animals has a huge impact on their health.

What started off as a personal mission to help my boy has become an incredible learning experience that I wanted to share.

Today he is happy, healthy and energetic, a completely different dog compared to his former puppy self.

I wanted to create a safe and trusted place for all dog owners to come and buy products that will keep their best friends happy and healthy too.

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Beau our brand ambassador

Meet Beau one of our brand ambassadors

DOB: 26th September 2017
Bread: Alapaha blue blood bulldog

Favourite treat: Beef tendon & sausages

Beau isn’t a particularly foodie dog and he has a huge list of food intolerances. He absolutely loves having a good chew on our beef tendons and will do anything for a sauasage!

He’s not that playful or lively and is just a chilled character. He lives for the outdoor ritual of sniffing and there’s nothing more enjoyable to him in the whole world. 

His favourite treat
Otis our brand ambassador

Meet Otis another one of our brand ambassadors

DOB: 28 June 2017
Bread: Weimaraner

Sows ears & sausages

Otis really loves all of the treats!! He especially loves our long-lasting chews. He is a bit of an annihilator and chews threw everything and nothing is too much for him.

He has a huge happy, bouncy character and cannot walk anywhere! He loves exploring woodlands and there’s nothing better than having a cuddle on the sofa after

His Favourites: